In this page you will find documentation on how to mount SWIFT object storage as a normal file system through s3fs in user space. Using s3fs can be mounted as a filesystem using the S3 protocol on linux systems using fuse.

It features:

  • large subset of POSIX including reading/writing files, directories, symlinks, mode, uid/gid, and extended attributes
  • large files via multi-part upload
  • renames via server-side copy
  • optional server-side encryption
  • data integrity via MD5 hashes
  • in-memory metadata caching
  • local disk data caching
  • authenticate via v2 or v4 signatures

More information may be found at: https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse/wiki/Fuse-Over-Amazon


Documentation on how to install s3fs can be found at: https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse.


  1. Create a file ~/.passwd-s3fs with the following content:
<access key>:<secret key>

Don’t forget:

chmod 600 ~/.passwd-s3fs

Mounting the file system

  1. This is done as follows:
s3fs <bucket> <mount point> -o url=https://proxy.swift.surfsara.nl -o use_path_request_style

Unmounting the file system

Unmounting the file system is done by:

fusermount -u <mount point>